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"He's putting the hair away now."
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May 29 2012

'Dark Horse Does Vampires Right' Digital Sampler available. This free digital sampler includes content from Buffy Season 9, Angel and Faith, and the entire Spike short story previously available only as a retailer incentive.

The Spike story is pretty darn good. I'd pay good money to see him recite poetry to a race of alien bug creatures.
My first reaction was noticing that they followed the claim that "Dark Horse does vampires right" by mentioning Zompires and that vampires in The Strain use a "large, tongue-like stinger" to feed. Wait, what?
Not so odd as you'd think; there are several vampiric creatures in mythology that feed through a hollow tongue, or that have a stinger-like tongue, or a barbed stinger under their tongue.
I think it's the first time when is explicitly said that Buffy has turned her back on Angel (in the blurb preceding pages from A&F) or am I missing something, some interview?

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