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May 29 2012

How It Should Have Ended: The Avengers. A short toon detailing how The Avengers should have ended. Spoilers for the movie, especially the ending... the site is after all called How It Should Have Ended.

......I don't get it?
pew pew pew! Heh. I do think they should've had Black Widow tote Coulson's supermagicpowerlazerthingy into battle, at least for a bit. Nicely done HISHE!
I didn't expect to like that since I don't typically like anything spoofy but actually thought it was kinda cute. Or whatever cute is when Marvel and DC mix.
How is this relevant to Whedonesque or the works of Joss Whedon for critical discussion? It lends itself more to stoking fanboy fires than having anything insightful to say about the film itself.
pew pew pew :)

And stick around for after the credits...
Hulk mention Joss.
It's not tagged as such but I think this firmly qualifies in the "Fandom and Fun" realm. And yeah, Hulk says Joss Is Boss. 'Nuff said.
YES! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! That superman and batman in the diner thing... funniest if you've seen the other HISHE videos. That's just an ongoing scene.
And I said the same thing when Scarlett was all "You didn't know what you were doing" and Stellan was all "Actually, I think I did"... aaaaand cue the deux ex machina!
Excellent! I love how Batman always has to say "I'm Batman!" and Superman always has to brag about how many superpowers he has. So, it fits right in that the Avengers would brag about all the money they raked in at the box office. I also love how HISHE manages to find a few flaws in every movie they parody.
A bit off topic, but has anyone done Hulk doing "Grr, Argh" yet?
So, so funny! "Why do I have to sit in the Hulk's lap?" "Wanna know my secret identity?" "Why?"

And the Tommy Boy Hawkeye? AHAHAHAHA! That was priceless...
That was hilarious :) I've never seen that website before; I think I know what I'll be doing
Loved this.
Why can't I find the vid? I'm on the site, see nothing video-like, go to videos, that page is blank? Could be my internet connection.
I thought that was rather funny; though most of the criticisms were weak. Which is also nice.

Having a scientist switch off a machine that they designed and built isn't what I would call a deus ex machina. Plus, factor in how much he had learned from the Tesseract in his time working with it. It was something set up from the beginning, within the known competency of the character. Only the suggestion that he had partially evaded the mind control was surprising; but it wasn't necessary and it was interesting in itself.

Now, that it wasn't the most dramatic resolution I'll agree. There wasn't a problem set up that the audience could try to solve along with him. But there was a lot of other stuff going on too.
Well, that was a grand waste of 3.5 minutes of my life.
Seems as good as any place to link to Hijinks Ensue who give Agent Coulson the last word on those collectible cards of his.

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zz9- That's Hijinks Ensue…
If some of you don't get it, go watch some of the Super Café vids. Supes and Bats sitting around joking. They're great!
That was funny and cute but wasn't as true as some of the other "How it should have ended." For instance, the LOTR one has always been my favorite as it actually IS how it should've ended. Ha!
These guys are great. A lot of their videos, like this one, feel more affectionate toward the material than mocking, and it's usually proportionate to how good the movie actually was.

QingTing, my bad. I always get them mixed up...
The Lost version is still my favorite.
Skytteflickan88 - it's not just you.
Ok I couldn't see the video before. Now I can. That was hillarious. "Whats that? I can't hear you under all these box office records"

I said "I don't get it" because all I saw was the picture of Cap in the captainball pose so I thought it was a comic page and didn't understand the joke. I couldn't see the video because of my noscript add-on.

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"Uh...details not important." :D
I think Banner would have been funnier than Hulk. Just sayin.

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