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May 30 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #10. "Women Of A Certain Age" is written by Christos Gage and penned by Chris Samnee.

I'm on my way to my comic shop now :)
I loved it. I think these twisted sisters are going to add a fine problem to our heroes tale - and I'm excited to see where this all leads to next! Whee!
Does the issue not immediately go on the Darkhorse Digital store? Using my iPhone to search and not having any luck. I'm sure this question has been asked before, sorry for being a dunce.
@cazador - It should, but I've had problems with the Adroid store as well from time to time.

As for the issue, it was nice to see some of Giles history and see him as a child. I didn't really realize that he came from a magical background, I just thought he dabbled in magics and was able to do a thing here and there.

Wasn't expecting Willow to show up at the end, although I guess we knew that she was coming. I'm looking forward to her interactions with A & F.
With my iPad the new updates on the DH store don't update until a day or two after. I always have to log onto the main website, buy it there, then go into my app and download it... Oh the runaround.
'Awesome' doesn't begin to describe it. What a wonderful piece of art. I had the same feeling as with Buffy Season 8 #10 and #11, that this issue serves to the bigger story in a very dramatic way. I think the main focus of the issue is to settle how magic worked, doesn't work (or does it?) right now and could work again, while foreshadowing Giles' Ripper years and their relation to this aunts of his, Angel and Faith's missions and contrast of minds and the possible return of Magic through the hands of a certain witch whose cameo was plainly right for the story and the characters (and we, the Willow fans).

So... Awesome!
Re:iPad You need to leave the app open for about 2 or 3 minutes while it "updates" and then the new comics appear on the day of release. It's not very apparent, but I got mine at 9am (UK time) this morning.
I didn't really realize that he came from a magical background

Well his grandmother was a Watcher but I don't think that got a mention in this series yet?
I knew that he had watchers in his family, but I guess I never made the connection that watcher were inherently magical. I guess when I think about it now, the watchers that we have seen are at least able to dabble in magic. I guess what is unclear to me is the difference between someone who can do a spell or two and someone who is a witch by nature.
Right... like where would Anya fit into that. Until Giles got that boost from Willow's coven, she seemed a more powerful magician than him. And then... Buffy did that really powerful spell where she could see any magics that had been done but then never did magic again. Why not? Ethan and Giles refer to themselves as wizards. But just how much inherent "magic" DOES Giles have? Or any of the other Watchers? And what about Andrew and Jonathon? Is this like the metachlorines again? I hate metachlorines. As usual... is it only Xander in the whole world who has no magic? "Oh Mr. and Mrs. Harris your child is just EXCEPTIONALLY ungifted. Rarely have I SEEN someone with just absolutely no ability to do anything." Poor muggle.
Loved it! :D I loved seeing Giles' past, and his introduction into the rest of his life. Great writing from Christos, as always.
My summary and review. Great issue! Building momentum for some exciting stuff ahead!
A really, really dope issue (again!) Wow, Buffy Season 9 is really shaping up to be pure awesomeness, but mostly due to this great Angel and Faith storyline (not that I hate Buffy's - in fact I'm really enjoying it as well, but it's, at least so far, a bit too Life-As-The-Big-Bad-ish and thus a lot less focused than Angel & Faith - the same feeling I had when watching Buffy S6 opposite Angel S3)The Angel and Faith-storyline is so new, different and interesting. Me like a LOT.

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I really liked this issue - did anyone else notice that one of the aunts referred to Giles as 'dear boy'? That can't be a coincidence - that is how Darla used to refer to Angel.

I am enjoying where this season is going - I am still struggling with how magic is 'gone' but it still seems readily available in a number of ways. Liking Willow in Angel and Faith, and I can't wait for Spike to get out of the Buffy comic too. That will be great - so long as he stays away from Buffy I'll be happy.
Wow! I'm not digging the robot story over on Buffy so much, but this book is consistently awesome! I loved Giles' Aunts. Despite begin original characters they fit really well in the vibe of this universe and I totally bought it.

Also, Chris Samnee! Woo!
Hey, yes, Chris Samnee! Woo! Indeed! :) Forgot to mention it in my post but, yeah, the artwork is very good (of course, Rebekah is still my top favorite - her skill of conveying emotions in her artwork is some of the best I've ever seen in a comic) but fingers crossed Samnee will find the time to do another single issue before the season is over.
@cderochefort: Actually, Xander has performed magic before too. That whole spell that summoned Sweet in "Once More With Feeling" was solely Xander's doing.
This issue was a bit of an overstretch with elaborate use of magical artifacts and demons standing 'in line' to get their payment. Would not the last creatures in that line realize that the ladies could not possibly pay them - after paying every other demon ? Oh well, at the very least it was funny, yet with a hint of bitterness. Loved Angel with a drill( drill baby drill) - Samnee is particularly good with partial face shots and use of shadows. My other nitpick would be frivolous use of the light elementals invasion as a trigger to 'unlock' Giles magical abilities. This particular twist could have used more panel time. In any case , my primary enjoyment of the series comes from Giles flashbacks - and I had my fix this time. Hope to see a glimpse of Whistler and his minions soon - their sudden and prolonged disappearance begins to grate.
Seems like Willow could learn the secret to near-eternal youth from Giles' aunts if she was previously unaware of such a magical feat.
I love how much this book is about Giles, plus Samnee art? Can't go wrong.
I always enjoyed ANGEL more than BUFFY so my continued preference for this book over its sister book is no surprise.

What IS a (pleasant) surprise is that I really can't decide if they plan to bring back Giles or not (despite Joss's saying that he was previously done with the character). And, if he does come back, what form will he take?
Aside from the spell in "Once More, With Feeling" I remember a scene in Season 4 in which Xander says something in Latin near a magic book and the book lights itself on fire.

I think in the Buffyverse, if you have the right artifact anyone can perform Magic, but only some people are naturally gifted, like Willow, Amy, and apparently Giles (I always thought his magic, like Westley's, was artifact driven... but maybe not.)

This is backed up by that time Amy spouted off about how Willow was more talented than most witches in Season 7. I can't remember the exact line but it went something like "She can do twice as much with half the training" or something like that. Either way, like music, some people are naturally talented and amazing while others need autotune to sing.

Buffy, as a slayer, is inherently magical, as we all know from Season 9 and the new status quo. So it stands to reason that she can perform magic, especially with the right tools.
@wenxina, I totally forgot about Sweet! Thanks!

The way I'm going to think about it then... is anybody can do SOME magic... but Giles can actually do quite a LOT of magic. It's just that after his whole experience with his evil tattoo, he decided his father was right and he needed to respect it -- to such a degree that he was loathe to use it at all, ever... Only really using his talent again when it was necessary to fight Willow. I'm gonna say to myself that that was a big moment for him. Yes, that was "borrowed" power... but now we know it wasn't ENTIRELY borrowed. In fact, all this makes sense for me why Ethan and Giles refer to themselves as wizards. I was always like, "Dude, you never do any magic, Giles." He'd be like, "Yeah, not cause I CAN'T. I am a wizard; I just don't act like one." It also explains why he was SO SO mad at Willow that he would go so far as to call her "RANK." Because he was like, "Hey, *I* have tons of magical talent, too, and I thought I was hot stuff... and then people died and my girlfriend broke up with me and I learned my LESSON, Willow. Magic is best left alone unless the fate of the world is in question."
Great issue! Man, have I missed Willow lately. I can't wait for the next issue!
archon: I don't think Willow is interested in eternal youth, just on how to achieve the spearmint love life she seems so hung up on lately, which helped temrinate her caramel phase and which makes the current chocolate period sort of a mean tirck to pull on someone.
lol @ spearmint
DaddyCatALSO-It would be a nice way to inject some sort of continuity to season 8 if Willow did learn the secret to near-eternal youth. How else could she survive until Fray's time?
Finally have my copy of Angel & Faith # 10.

I really loved this issue.The whole back story for Giles was aces (they've becoming one of my favorite things in this series and this flashback was a very big and important one with a nice kickoff from some lines in the episode,"Never Kill a Boy on the First Date" )and I really like the new additions of Lavinia and Sophronia.I'm curious now,since they were originally created for the BBC Ripper much was Gages additions and how much of these characters were from Joss's concept for the Giles spin-off.

It's interesting by the end of the issue how the two are mirroring Angel and Faith's feelings/concerns about bringing back Giles.

And of course Willow showing up on Angel and Faith's doorstep was a expected but great cliffhanger.

I'm keeping this short but I really enjoyed this issue.
I think the Fairweather Sisters are a great addition to the canon of the Buffyverse and now that both Angel's and Faith's paths are clearly encouraged (Angel's green light to resurrect Giles, Faith's greenlight to stop him) I can only wonder what the arrival of Lady at the End will do to alter these apparent destinies.
I know this is way too late, but I only now read #10.
Wow so good. so far I like Angel & Faith more than Buffy this "season".
At one point while reading it I remembered Giles's grandmother has a big part in Tales of the Vampires. I quickly checked my copy and as I thought the little girl there is called Edna (She is a watcher in training who has a cruch on a baker boy from Giles' Bakery).

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