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May 30 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' DVD and Blu-ray get UK release date. They'll be out on September 24th. No word yet on what the extras are.

A heartfelt woohoo from me. Left our cinema screens far too soon.
Yay! It did left the screens too soon, which makes the ads on the buses in London even weirder.
An instant buy of course, I hope there are extra features, I'd love to know more about the monsters and to hear what the people who made the film had to say about making it. It just seems like such a fun film to work on!
Hope there will be a commentary by Joss and Drew!
I hope it comes out around the same time in the U.S. too, actually I was hoping for a August release.
@ Eddy - I'd guess an early October release myself, tying into Halloween more.
cannot wait
although its a shame the comic tie-in ended up getting cancelled when the film got delayed due to the mgm financial difficulties :(
heres hoping it'll get released or be offered with the dvd (if it did get written)
Very excited to see this again, I had mixed feelings after catching it in the theater.
Very excited to pick this up on DVD here in the states.
Will definitely pick it up when it drops in Canada on Blu-ray already went twice to cinema to see it and saw avengers three times damn Joss taking all my money lol.
So the DVD will be out right around the times it gets released in theatres here in Argentina. Great.
It would take a miracle for me to see something twice in the theater, but I can't wait to see this again. Instant buy for me.
A surefire first-day buy for me. My favourite film of the year along with The Avengers and Moonrise Kingdom.
Good to hear Moonrise Kingdom is good RutherfordDActualperson. Huge fan of Wes Anderson and looking forward to that.

Loved Cabin, curious to hear what the extras will be.
I'm glad to see at least the UK has a release date set. Hopefully the US will set a date soon. Honestly I'm not too concerned with extras (I'd buy with or without) but I'd love to see a writers and cast commentary.

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