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May 30 2012

Serenity comics now on Dark Horse Digital. Previously released "Downtime" by Zack Whedon & "The Other Half" by Jim Krueger are now available for download.

I couldn't see preview, is this new?
That brings all the Serenity stuff to digital availability, yes?
embers, it's new in that this hasn't been in the digital store before. But the stories are not new. One was in Dark Horse Presents, the other on USA Today's website.
Both are in the Serenity Volume 2: Better Days and Other Stories hardcover collection as well.
Sometimes, with the collective knowledge we have between us, I think Whedonesque should have its own Wiki.
Wish they'd put it out in physical format, as a one-shot. Think there was some talk of Dark Horse doing that at one point.

The Buffy Season 8 shorts too.
All I was able to read was "Downtime". Where (or what) is "The Other Half"?
daylight, all of those are or will be available in print form at some point. Some of them are even in multiple collections. However, I can't understand paying for a digital comic that's still online for free.
Amrita, "The Other Half" is still available to read for free at the website for MySpace Dark Horse Presents. Go to Issue 13 (August 2008).
Invisible Green, thanks, but that page is mostly all black on my browser. Can't find any issues at all. What I'm asking is why Dark Horse is selling two comics but the link they give only opens one? Is there something I'm missing?
Both comics are in that one download.
By download, do you mean downloading to one's harddrive? Because I only saw a way to view it online and it ended with the snowed-in story.
Ah, you're not talking about what's linked here in the post. Prior online publication of the stories were separate. One in DHP, one on USA Today (then reported elsewhere).
I'm really confused! I followed the link in the title of this thread. It led to a page that says: "Serenity: Downtime and The Other Half" with a Buy Now button. I bought. Got sent to a page to VIEW "Serenity: Downtime and The Other Half" but not actually download it. When I viewed it, I only got "Downtime", not "The Other Half". I see no link to download anything, nor any link specifically to "The Other Half", whatever that is.

If there's something obvious I'm missing, can you please spell it out in Captain dummy talk? Thanks.
Invisible Green, I mean as a one shot. I'm not interested in re-purchasing material I already own.
Amrita, that's weird, because the "Read Now" to read the book on the website after buying it has "Downtime" immediately followed by "The Other Half". I just browsed all 21 pages of both stories.

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