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May 30 2012

(SPOILER) GQ interviews Christina Hendricks about her recent poignant Mad Men episode. She shares her thoughts about the episode and her work in the series. (Link contains spoilers about last Sunday's episode)

Great interview, phenomenal episode.
That episode prompted me to rewatch S1-4. It was superb.
She's not going to be on Man Men, darn.
Best episode of the entire illustrious series for me. was particularly wonderful.
I'm glad she's gone on to so much success, she deserves it.
They have had a stellar run this season, I think the extra time off allowed the staff (OK, Weiner) to really massage the stories nicely.
Another Whedon alumnus contributed greatly to the success of that amazing episode: Vincent Kartheiser! Just when you think his character can't get any slimier, he sinks to a new level....
Loved the episode. And I can't imagine any other actress making me love Joanie as much as Christina Hendricks does.

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