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May 31 2012

Can't Stop The Serenity events for 2012 start next weekend. Events in Vancouver (Canada), Nottingham (UK), and Lawrence (Kansas, USA) kick off this summer's charity events. Check out the 2012 event list for local opportunities to watch Serenity with other fans. CSTS screenings often include other fun activities such as auctions, raffles, costume contests, and trivia.

I just reserved tickets for Saturday, July 21 in Arlington, VA.
We are starting off with a bang. Events in 3 countries, including a Dancing Monkey Storytime in Lawrence. Should be fun.
I definitely want to see video of this year's Dancing Monkey Storytime. I may steal the idea for next year's CSTS Vancouver. However, we do have the Reavers dance! And a costume contest for people with superpowers, not to mention Whedon-trivia bingo, shiny items for our silent auction & even more shiny items for our first live auction! Check out our blog: and get your tickets now!

Good luck to all the CSTS cities having full or affiliate events. I know how much hard work and effort go into these so that we can raise money for Equality Now and local charities. Congratulations to the organisers for taking on that task.

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