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May 31 2012

Joss Whedon HeroClix action figure announced! It's part of a exclusive 'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope' DVD and HeroClix combo pack that will be coming out in July.

I've never played HeroClix, but I want this.
I don't know HeroClix, either, but I WANT this! I love that "Neil Patrick Harris" is "Perplex"!
I love the description of him as Deity, Mystical!
Extremely clever. The folks putting this together are obviously fans and I love that. Wish the likeness was better, but it IS clearly Joss. :) ShadowQuest, I love that too.
Well that's just awesome. If anyone deserves their own HeroClix (or Magic the Gathering card for that matter), its Joss. (I almost feel bad for Morgan and Harry being held up next to the likes of Joss and Stan in a "strengths chart.")

"Fire, then Fly!" Well done!
The site takes forever to load, but totally worth the wait to see the pictures of the figures as well as the stats that go with them. I'm with the crowd of people who never heard of HeroClix, but I would still totally buy this. So awesome.
Guys, I just opened up a box of my old HeroClix yesterday. Now this. Now I just need to somehow make sure I get this.

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I must have. For my altar, of course.
Not the best likeness (Lexigeek could have done a lot better) but I WANT!
judging by the size of his hands there, they left off one of his super powers...
anybody if there is a website that will tell me what local stores will have this? the page mentioned a brick and mortar release, (or something like that). and i MUST HAVE THIS
I don't play Heroclix, but I have a collection anyway. Want!
This is hilarious, I got to have one of those. And Joss is a staggering 240 point figure, meaning that he will probably stand his ground against a Sentinel. I'd like to see that :)

He is after all the Purple Avenger.
It's just as cool as playing him as a video game character in that Buffy PS2 game.
At last his master plan is complete. Everything he's done all these years was leading up to this.

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