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June 01 2012

New details about Marvel's Phase One Blu-ray collection. Snappily titled "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled", this limited edition Blu-ray collection features six movies (The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers), collectible packaging and a bonus disc called "The Phase One Archives".

I want this, but I'll wait for a region 2 release. I want my non-English speaking family to be able to watch this too, so maybe I have to wait even longer.

Here's hoping there will be a UK release soon and that that one happens to have swedish subtitles.

Btw, I wonder if it will have all previously released bonus material.

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I liked how they kept talking about "Phase Two" in Avengers. Can't wait to see what they have in store.

Also, damn... I think I want this.
I need a raise. As the Whedonverse expands, fandom gets more expensive. How much do you think this will run? 200US?
hann23, the price is listed as $219.00.
I suppose it's not likely that they'll release the "Phase One Archives" separately. I already own most of those, and the only one I'd be interested in buying is Iron Man 2. One of the reasons I hate buying DVDs; you end up getting punished by stuff like this for purchasing something as soon as it comes out.
Over 200? Nuh uh, not for me. I won't be getting a 3D player anytime soon anyway. I assume I would need some sort of special player for that?

I'll just hope the bonus disc can be found on ebay one day, like the Chosen collection bonus disc.
Amazon now has it discounted at $153.30. Also order now, and you guarantee that if they lower it anymore you'll get the lower price.

I had just been thinking 2 days ago that I should update to a BluRay copy of Iron Man, now that I have the player. My player is a 3D player but I don't have a tv for it yet. Wasn't sure I ever would, but I think Avengers sealed for me that someday I might. This set has officially been ordered.
Skytteflickan88, blu-ray player and a 3D TV.

I guess I'll settle for blu day discs for now.

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