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June 01 2012

Results of Watcher Junior's Avengers survey. Regarding perceived values in The Avengers. (Rokeach Values Survey)

While this is certainly fun, it represents a highly biased and self-selected group of respondents (sort of like a reverse "Berkson's bias"). As a result it has to be filtered though an interpretation of (a) the general values of the respondents, and (b) the more specific love of Joss Whedon. Those who love his work may be more inclined to see or attribute positive attitudes where it may not be justified; this is a problem all who develop surveys have to grapple with. But this is nice little cross-sectional survey from a highly select group of people.
Yeah, saying that Buffy is "number-one in fan committment" is sweet, but not fair to say (or, IMO, accurate) considering the location of the survey and where it was advertised.
Thanks, Dana! And, I agree; I just didn't feel like repeating myself from the Buffy survey. In the post I linked to, I wrote that these are basically a survey of the whedonesque community's take on the values, that all fan surveys get only social fans, that there are demographic biases in any online setting... It was a long post, so I hoped a link would suffice. If not, let me know and I'll make sure the future wrap-ups take time for disclaimers.

These survey results are going to be indicative, not decisive, but I CAN say that there's only one statistical survey of the Whedon fandom, and a few others that draw on fan comments made in online communities or letters to the publisher. While I'm no social scientist, I think the online fandom's responses will be a very interesting data point for future fan discussions and as a piece for scholarly arguments.

As for the number-one comment, I'm waiting to see what happens when we go to Firefly and Serenity and the Browncoats weigh in!

Mostly, I was a bit surprised that Buffy waaaaayyyy out-drew The Avengers in terms of the number of survey-takers. That's really all I meant by that comment.
asgardian... if you can recommend communities, I'll certainly be willing to go there and see what I can do to publicize it.
rr- I am not surprised. It was really Buffy that brought us all together. I am fascinated by fandom in general, with an interest in what I have called "investment," for want of a better term. That is, why do we invest in what we invest in, whether the general works of Joss Whedon or a specific ship? In my case, I have often said here that I am not sure why I was drawn to Willow and Tara, given I am a 59-yo guy, nor why I invested so much in Sophie's story (in In Treatment) that I went to bed at night worried about her. Or why the GSR, of CSI? And in opposition to this question, why are there shipper wars, or why was it necessary on to try and destroy Lady Heather? Food for your thought! :-)

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