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"Who is this? Who is this? I came to fight the vampire with a soul. Guess you shouldn't have sold it, huh?"
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June 01 2012

'Buffy's Search for Meaning' - an essay. The Slayer gets some existential therapy.

Wow, spectacular essay.
Very insightful. "Angel", for me, was always the most existential of Joss' works. Although choice and free will reign in both Angel and BtVS, in Angel's world, choice and free will only go so far. For the Scoobies, no matter how Big and Bad the enemy, there's always a way to kill them, or at the very least, stop them. In "Angel", that's not always so. Evil exists in every living person, and humanity is the very source of evil's strength. The Senior Partners can not be stopped or destroyed, and so the point ultimately is to fight against them anyway, knowing full well it's a war that cannot be won.
As someone who says 'existentialist' when asked my religion, this essay was awesome. It also made me want to find an existential therapist, because wow that would maybe be something that could work better than a lot of the cognitive behavioral therapists I've worked with but maybe that's just wishful thinking. Hey, I've got the wishing part down.....

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