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"Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
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June 02 2012

Happy birthday to Morena Baccarin. She turns 33 today. It's also Jewel Staite's birthday, she's 30.

Morena shares the date with my granddaughter Sophia, who turns 8 today. Happy birthday to two beautiful ladies.
And to Jewel Staite and to my brother Scott as well. Happy birthday all!
Happy birthday Morena and Jewel!
I added the info about Jewel.
A happy birthday to them both!
I still remember seeing Jewel on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. Happy birthday Jewel. She was my fave on Space Cases even back then.

Wow I just found out on IMDB that Peter David(The Peter David) created Space Cases. I had no idea.

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Happy Birthday to the two beautiful and talented ladies!
I forgot that Morena's birthday was today too! I always remembered Jewel's though, because I remember looking up my birthday once and going, "hey, I share a birthday with the girl from Flash Forward!" :p

A very happy birthday to them both!
Happy birthday Zelikman.

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