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June 03 2012

Sale on digital vampire comics at Dark Horse. For Season 9: Buffy, Angel & Faith. The Strain, Baltimore and House of Night.

Dang, I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting an iPad soon, and what better way to read digital comics is there? I'll also buy the physical copies... Hmm...
I've been reading Season 9/Angel and Faith on my iPad and it really is a great way to read them. The app is a bit shoddy though, with the store being a bit slow to load and often taking a little while for new releases to appear.

Well, since you asked, I prefer reading comics on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 than the iPad, since it's bigger. The colors are also different, but I can't tell if it's better or not, from what i recalled, it just seemed different. I can't recall the exact difference. But I think the size made a big enough difference. On the iPad I kept making it bigger for comics with small print.

But, I do prefer the iPad app to the Android app. It's slightly better.
While you're hitting the sale, check out Alabaster: Wolves and MIND MGMT. if you're looking for other titles to look into.
Have to admit, the app bugs me too. They've been promising an update with fixes for a while now, though. Fingers crossed.

B!X, definitely intend to check out Alabaster, but waiting for the series to finish. :-)
I own an Android tablet and an iPad (I need both for work doing mobile development) and while the new iPad's higher resolution is nice, Android 10.1 widescreen tablets fit the comic book pages very nicely. When you have a page at full screen it's just slightly smaller than a physical comic. The 4:3 ratio of the iPad means the page is a lot smaller when you have it full screen with empty space on either side.

Not that I need another tablet, but Toshiba is coming out with a 13" tablet which I think would be even better than the 10.1's. As that would make the digital comic a bit bigger than the physical comic.

As someone who is interested in buying trades and not the individual comics, having comics available digitally on the same day as release is awesome.

One of the things that is really missing is a subscription service. Give them my credit card number and automatically buy and download a new issue when a new issue is release. However, so far has been a good reminder when a new issue is out.

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