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June 03 2012

Interview with Buffy Season 9 and Dollhouse Epitaphs writer Andrew Chambliss. Some interesting upcoming tidbits for season 9.

I'm not seeing any spoilers here so I removed the tag.
It always makes me happy whenever Chambliss talks about Buffy. His comment on wanting to write WITH Joss makes me happy/excited. As much as I love Chambliss' work though, I desperately miss Joss writing Buffy. I really hope he writes the last arc of Season 9 and the majority of Season 10.
Hmm? I cannot seem to find anything at all exciting about Andrew Chambliss' comments on Joss participation in writing the comics - as far as I can conclude, he basically said in this interview that Joss writing S9 is likely not happening , because he would be extremely busy. In fact I think that gently breaking the message ( of Whedon not writing any more of the comics) was sort of the main point of the whole Buffy-section of the interview.
I really enjoyed AC's little glimpses into his travels and cultural/geographical/ethnic observations. I am addicted to traveling and observing architectural styles too.
I'm glad Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg are coming in even if only for a 2 issue arc. I'm much more excited about reading Angel & Faith each month than I am about Buffy S9, and like lisatwingomez, I wish Joss would write some or all of it again. I like Andrew Chambliss but the humor in Buffy S9 just doesn't seem to resonate with me. I wish it were otherwise, but...
"I desperately miss Joss writing Buffy." Ditto.
dorotea, under the question about what's ahead for the rest of Season 9, he says:

"The plan is for me to do the last eight more to go and I'm talking about Joss about the arcs that will end the season and depending on his schedule what would be great is for us to write stuff together."

I'm assuming that means that Joss is going to try to co-write some of the last issues of the season.
29,000th front page entry. Not bad.
Sorry Mods, for the redundant posting. I scanned the front page and somehow missed this entry.

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