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June 04 2012

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #10 preview. Three-page preview is up on the Dark Horse website.

I'll guess that robot Buffy bites the dust, Buffy gets back into her own body somehow, Spike leaves as a result of X being raised in a conversation and Buffy goes off to find herself.
I was surprised this preview didn't hit last week while I was away.Glad it came out today.
So is Simone somehow in Buffy's body? Is that what's going on?
Looks cool. And kinda digging Richards' artwork. Kinda disliked it in S8 (too licensed-comic-ish for my liking)but in this arc, it has been kinda good. More expressive. (Ofc, I still look forward to Jeanty's return.)

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I noticed a lot of "Es" in the art. They just jumped out at me. Yup, that's my deep thought.
@Jelly, if Simone is in Buffy's body, who was shooting at Spike, Andrew, and the bugs?

So many questions...
What a confusing preview.
@Mistress-Good point. She must have brainwashed Buffy's body.. Or, urm, bodywashed?
Spike's comment is so interesting... It's like he already knows that he and Buffy are gonna have a talk. I'm really anticipating this issue like nobody's business.
I really have to get caught up on the comics. Sigh.
Yeah, slightly disjointed feel to that preview. Kinda looking forward to the robot plot being over now. Haven't disliked it as much as I thought I would but given how far we are into the season, I'm ready for things to start moving forward. Ten issues in and I'm still feeling like the season is yet to find a direction, whereas Angel and Faith is exactly where it should be. Buffy Season 8 might have been controversial and even crazy at times but it was never boring. Season 9? Have to admit, I'm kinda bored.
Wait, who's X? What talk? I'm so out of the loop...
Buffy: I'm entitled to push my own buttons.

Go Buffy
Little to no idea what was going on there...will have to re-read last issue.

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