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June 05 2012

Christina Hendricks nominated for a Critics' Choice Award. She picks up a nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

The Danny Strong penned "Game Change" also received a nomination for Best Movie.

While I haven't watched Mad Men, I am pleased that she is nominated. She is a wonderful actress.

I have a question, how are lead vs supporting actor/actress defined? Peter Dinklage was nominated for supporting vs lead for his work in Game of Thrones. Given, that he's the lead name on the credits, isn't he the lead actor?
@hann23. I'm not sure exactly how this award works, but I know that often it depends on what the producers or network submit the actor for. When looking at the nominations for these awards there are some that could go both ways. Max Greenfield for New Girl, for example. If he's supporting, then who is the "lead" on that show? Both Gillan Jacobs and Allison Brie are nominated for Supporting for Community. I think a lot of it is political.
I just have to comment: Christina is so very awesome on Mad Men it makes me forget what she did to our captain!

All you Whedonites that aren't watching yet need to get on board. When that redhead struts her stuff everybody notices! Go Christina!!!

Mad Men may not be genre, may not be Joss and is certainly not politically correct, but I promise you will love it. Each and every character whether you love or hate them will affect you.
Mad Men FEELS genre.
Ugh. Mad Men is so over rated, even with two former Whedon actors working on the show. Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones for the win in all the categories it's up against Mad Men.
Christina is wonderful in Mad Men, which is one of the few shows I watch on TV, but then Christina has been incandescent in all I've seen her in. This latest season of Mad Men seems like the best so far. I do not believe it is an overrated show, though people are, of course, entitled to their own opinion. :)
The thing that amazes me about Mad Men, besides the great writing and acting, is how they manage to get all the authentic 1960s props and other set pieces. If there's something they need, like a bunch of pool umbrellas, that are no longer made the way they were back then, they have them made to match what was actually being used at the time, rather than just using whatever is available now. Incredible show - certainly one of my all-time favorites. It definitely deserves every award it gets.

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