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June 05 2012

The best Firefly anecdote ever? At a panel at last weekend's ATX Television Festival, Firefly writer José Molina told a tale of what Nathan got up to the set of 'Trash'. More coverage of the festival (including some comments from Jane Espenson) can be found here.

We've heard that before. I'm more interested in what was said about future (and dark) storylines they'd intended for the show.
"The event was a screening of the episode 'Trash' from Firefly’s first season."


ETA: I guess the author's not geek enough to know there was only one season.

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People have been referring to "Firefly's first season" for years now. And most of them have twigged that the show got cancelled early on.
Also, it seems doubtful that he/she actually attended the FNL outdoor screening since the only episode shown was the series finale.

b!X, they were not specific other than talking more about the Inara Reaver rape plot that has been talked about for years and mentioning a possible Very Reaver Xmas episode.

Of course, I was drinking (it was the Alamo Drafthouse) and may have missed something.

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"Very Reaver Xmas"? Great Caesar's ghost, that would have been something to see.
If you think about it, you could class Objects in Space as a Christmas episode. Guy in a red outfit, coming in from the chimney/hatch? But then I guess all the rape threats and crazy existentialism sort of detracts from that idea...
@Dude Meister: Maybe it can be classified as a gritty reboot.
I know there's already a post about these but... it's fitting

He needs a Santa Hat.
Just as well he wasn't known afterwards as Joss Weed-On.


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