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June 05 2012

Busy week for NPH starting with Letterman tonight. Then The Colbert Report June 6th and co-hosting Live With Kelly on June 7th.

Which all leads up to hosting the Tony Awards on June 10th.

I believe that Neil is also co-hosting w/Kelly tomorrow morning, June 6th (I have my DVR set!); I'm really looking forward to the Tony Awards.

BTW did anyone watch the Oprah interview with Neil and David Burka? It was so wonderful, J. August Richards was very moved by this part of it:
"The acting Industry is so difficult. There's so much rejection on every level. Los Angeles is a town where you're just never quite enough. You get the call back but you don't get the job. You get the job but then you get re-cast. The pilot goes but it doesn't end up going to [series]. You get an Emmy nomination but you don't win. You can go to the Vanity Fair party but not Madonna's after-party. There's always a level you can't quite reach..." -Neil Patrick Harris
With the show having aired last night, the video for the NPH interview is now live, and available here.

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