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June 05 2012

Tom Lenk shares 'Much Ado About Nothing' experience. "It was just a bunch of peeps that I was already friends with," said Lenk, "and then the people that I didn't know were all just really cool."

Did it get picked up at Cannes? I was following THR's special daily papers but couldn't find a mention.
I think we would've heard something if it did.
Can I ask here? (Obviously I can...)
Where was it, that we saw a small clip of Much Ado, in some tv interview at Joss's house...?
I forgot, and would like to see it again.

(I think it was with the "incredible-amount-of-money!?-Does-that-really exist?"-thingy...)
Think that was the CBS feature shot at Joss's house with his wife. You can find it on youtube. I think it looks lovely, not cheap. The great actors and lively dialogue helps with that though. Fingers crossed it gets a distributor.
Tom Lenk and Fran Kranz in another movie together? The people at Slash Filmcast are going to be really confused. (They kept calling Fran in Cabin, "the guy from Buffy.")
Want to see this so much.
Thank you, RDAperson, found it.
And it made my thursday morning here...
Let's get to work.

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