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June 05 2012

On the set of Metal Hurlant. James Marsters interviews Michelle Ryan on the set of Metal Hurlant.

Yay, my first link.
OMG if James Marsters goes to Comic Con, I will DIE. I'm going this year for the first time so JM going is just an added bonus to being excited about going :D
Love Michelle Ryan! Beautiful lady! The Bionic Woman wasn't a great show but I really didn't blame that on the cast, who were all pretty fantastic and made the best of what they had to work with.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Doctor Who special that Michelle appeared in. Planet of the Dead. Such a shame that she wasn't a regular companion.
James works with yet another Doctor Who companion. :)
She ruined Bionic Woman (not her fault exactly, just bad casting) but I'll give her another chance for Metal Hurlant, especially if she gets to use her own accent in the film.
Admittedly, Michelle's American accent in Bionic Woman didn't exactly help (it really wasn't great) but the show was pretty much pre-ruined before she had uttered a word. Just not a well written show at all.
There is also a link where Michelle interviews James.

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