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June 06 2012

The making of 'The Avengers'. Great feature on the VFX used in the movie.

I'm currently reading the opening chapter to the latest Joss Whedon PopMatters book, and the way that chapter describes obscure film references that were woven into Buffy squares nicely with this quote from Jeff White at ILM re: working with Joss on VFX:

We had to keep Google search close at hand, however, as Joss is a walking film library and was throwing out film and artist references all the time that wed have to look up!

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That was a really fun read! Love this stuff.
Thank God I'm a writer. Just reading about this stuff is exhausting.
Had a techie-gasm yesterday reading this. The photos are an additional bonus; one in particular of a certain purple guy calls out for a caption.

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