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June 06 2012

11 Great Geek Wedding Dresses . Mental_floss compiled a picture list of their favorite themed weddings. Check out the third entry.

Love the Firefly and steampunk dresses.
before I read the comments below my first thought was "how do you find a man that dedicated to Serenity who also looks like the Doctor?" Very inspiring!
Love mental floss but didn't browse yet today. Thanks!
Trying to get my head around the Hello Kitty wedding.
Yeah, that Hello Kitty dress is going to give me nightmares, I just know it. *shivers*

I did like the Firefly & steampunk outfits - and I thought the Tudor stuff was pretty cool, too.

Off-topic, but very nifty, too: there was a link at the bottom of the page to "The 11 Geekiest Tattoos Ever Inked " - I love Cthulhu Monopoly, the QR and the Hitchhiker tats - and some of them, like "Shoulder to Shoulder Math Equations" and "Blue Screen of Death" deserve special Endurance Awards.
Is it weird that I want to get married just so I can have a Browncoat wedding?? haha

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