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June 06 2012

Premiere date for Season 2 of 'The L.A. Complex' with Jewel Staite. The new season starts on The CW on July 17th.

Oh this is embarrassing, I never knew there was a Season 1 (and I follow Jewel on twitter!).
Season 1 was only 6 episodes and it just finished airing in the states. If you like soapy drama, I think it's pretty darn entertaining.
Jewel is AMAZING in it. Certainly a far cry from Kaylee.
This series sort of infamously got the lowest US ratings ever for a drama debut since recording first started, but that said, it had some pretty good critical reception which sounds like enough for me to maybe check it out someday.

My mind is mostly blown that one of the articles says they actually film it in Toronto despite the title.
How soapy is this series? Are we talking Ringer-level soap? And some of the promos made it look like Melrose Place: was that accurate?
Oooh.. I want to see this! I love Jewel Staite!
@rouguerouge It is more along the lines of Melrose Place than Ringer. Not a lot of totally unbelievable twists and turns (although there's one pretty surprising development at the end of the pilot)-no murder and intrigue. Mostly character stuff.
Finally watched the first two episodes this past Tuesday and was definitely presently surprised. The acting isn't always great, but the writing is pretty good. And even when there is a moment of an actor not acting well, there are other scenes with that same actor where they are good... so, not any bad actors just some poorly acted (possibly meaning poorly directed?) scenes. Anyway. Hooked! Glad to see season2 will be shown here!
Loving Jewel in this, and wondering how her character will deal with the latest revolting development.
Depite the occasional blurring of what must be telltale names or titles, this series does a far better job of shooting Toronto-for-LA than the better-budgeted Psych does of shooting BC-for-Santa Barbara.
I almost feel guilty for admitting this, but the show really isn't my cup of tea. I started watching it for Jewel because I'll watch basically anything with her in, and have continued watching it for her and the considerable amounts of eye-candy, but with a couple of exceptions the plots and the characters have felt mostly forgettable or cliché to me. Probably doesn't help that I have no interest at all in the subject material.

The only character so far that I've absolutely loved is one that was new in the last two episodes... who I really hope is going to be back in season 2, but maybe not based on how her plotline went.

I get the feeling they've thrown a few references to Jewel's real projects in there - the "we had a bad timeslot" that came up a couple times in the first episode might have been about Firefly, and they were talking about her character turning down a SciFi (SyFy?) original and a Hallmark movie (Mothman and Call Me Mrs Miracle, presumably).

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