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June 06 2012

Roundtable with Nathan Fillion and six other TV performers. Jenelle Riley talks to seven "Emmy-Worthy" stars for Backstage magazine, including our Captain.

On being hired, fired and inspired. I really love how Nathan asks the other actors so many questions.

It's a good feature, I keep forgetting that he could have been a teacher.
If there was one other actor in that article that could challenge Nathan for the 'Best Actor According To Me' award, it would be Walton Goggins. The guy was amazing in The Shield and is just incredible in Justified. The scenes he shares with Timothy Olyphant are television gold. Anyone not watching Justified already needs to check it out.
lol William H. Macy is awesome. :)
All-Stars! I concur with Five Horizons. Goggins is wonderful. And watch Aubrey Plaza - - she's been honing the deadpan. It gets better with each interview show I see. Check into the June 4 Leno for a laugh.

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