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June 08 2012

The Avengers available for pre-order on DVD/Blu Ray at Amazon UK. It's out on September 17th. Superb. Ordered, will look fantastic on Blu Ray.

No super-deluxe 10 Disc Boxset that the Americans are getting? Boo. Though I might pick up the 6-Disc set, not a bad price.
Do we know what Special Features we're going to be getting? because the 6-Disc set makes me think that there won't be any for any of the films, and if that's the case, I might just stick to the regular product.
Huh, that 6-disc set is indeed decent value. I'm not sure I want every film, but as I probably want about 3 or 4 of them at least... hmm. *ponders September budget*
3D version is available too. I'd rather order a Blu Ray titled "The Avengers" though.
There's an exclusive steel-book blu-ray on HMV available to pre-order now. Same price as the regular and, you know, steely. If you do it before Monday night, you can enter the code H8BLU20 to get 20% off. Pretty good deal, and goes nicely if you've get any of the other Marvel steel-book ones.

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