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June 08 2012

James Marsters' 50th birthday celebration! And a Chicago Comic Con roundup. Here's your chance to meet Juliet Landau, James Marsters, Amy Acker, Doug Jones, Camden Toy, Amber Benson and Luke Perry! PLUS, come celebrate James Marsters' 50th birthday with a special concert event! For more details visit the show's Facebook page. The show runs August 9-12, 2012 in Rosemont, IL, USA.

In case you were interested in taking a photo with our BDHs, here's the pricing:
Amber Benson - $35.00
Amy Acker - $40.00
Camden Toy - $35.00
Doug Jones Photo Op - $35.00
James Marsters - $65.00
Juliet Landau - $40.00
James Marsters & Laura Vandervoort - $85.00
James Marsters & Juliet Landau - $90.00
Luke Perry & Jason Priestley - $70.00
Luke Perry - $45.00
James, Juliet, Amber, Amy, Doug & Camden GROUP of 6 -$150.00

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What? James is 50? That ish cray. He looks fantastic.
I had no idea. I would have thought, maybe 40... Jeez, he's almost as old as me!
He does look great. I hope the convention goers enjoy the special event.
He's that old? But-but-but he's so purdy!
I hesitate to make the obvious joke but - okay, I'm just too weak. This very beautiful fellow, are we sure that he isn't really a vampire?
I think he really is a vampire... :D

I would do ANYTHING to take a picture with James and Juliet... O_O

And to meet Amy Acker, AND go to a James concert?!?

Can I please go to this?!? ;_; haha.

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