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June 08 2012

A shirtless Nathan Fillion is on the cover of Parade Magazine. Nathan Fillion is on the cover of this Sunday's special summer reading issue! He talks books in the interview and much more in the behind the scene video plus an extras page where he talks about Much Ado About Nothing and Firefly revival buzz.

I always wondered how busy actors have time to read. Now I know, "Now I read in bed. I read at work. I read standing in line."

I wish the interviewer would have asked which comic books he read. He strikes me as a Green Lantern fan...
“I still buy actual books,” he says, holding up a worn paperback of Jaws and bringing it to his face with a deep inhale. “The smell, having it in your hands—there’s really no substitute.”

So much this. Just when I think I couldn't possibly like this man any harder, he goes and says something like this.
Shirtless and talking about books? Thank you, Nathan!
There's a perfume that just came out with OLD BOOK SMELL. I think I know what to wear around Mr. Fillion if we ever should meet. :-D
There's a video here that says a lot more than what's in the print interview:
Oops, just realized you said that already...delete my post if you want to (I can't edit it).
Good, more Kindle editions for me, then. Also, spot Parade's ironic header on the extras page.
He reads Spenser? My man!

I just wanna hang out with this guy for like a weekend. He just seems so...real. Personable, down-to-earth, he doesn't take himself too seriously. I'd love to go to a Ren faire with him, or geek out in this little antique shop I know that has vintage comic books.
Hmm, shirtless? I'm not so sure. From the way the picture is framed, for all we know he could be wearing a strapless evening gown. ;^)
Yeah, the 'shirtless' is just a tease, just like the way Joss framed the 'shirtless' scene in Serenity (if you can only see his collar bones then it is just being mean...). But regardless I love hearing about Nathan's reading habits (I prefer books my own self, you can loan books to your friends!).
I still like books, love them even, but I would never give up the Nook. When I got it I gave away most of mine to friends after writing my name in the front cover with the stipulation that they do the same thing when they were done reading it. It'd be cool to see some of them years later, hopefully with a lot of names inside.

All those people who touched the book and were touched in return by the story.
First Adam Baldwin delays his Australian convention appearances due to a top secret project and now Nathan Fillion mentions a couple of small jobs during his time off from Castle? Coincidence or conspiracy?
I like the comments about filming Much Ado and how it was not the little thing, Nathan had been assured it was.
"I mean, it was a production. I said, ‘What the hell, man?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I can’t do anything small.’” "
I thought they were filming Dr H2 this summer.
Well, Zachary Levi posted pictures of Nathan and Adam dressed up for some kind of secret project recently....
I love that he loves the X-Men comics. They are currently my faves too. :)
My Kindle and my Kindle app on my IPhone are two of my most favorite things in the world. Books can go everywhere with me now!
I don't know if it's ok to do this, mods please if it's not remove this part of my post, but I truly appreciate Parade mentioning KidsNeedToRead at the bottom of the article.

KNTR remains grateful to Mr. Fillion for all his help and support.

Our Captain as always is awesome!

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