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June 08 2012

Nathan Fillion on Stan Lee's "Cocktails with Stan". Nathan is featured on this week's episode of Cocktails with Stan on "Stan Lee's World of Heroes" YouTube channel.

Also in case you missed it Felicia was on it last week! Check it out!

Good lord, is this series just made for fans of Joss Whedon?

And I mean that in a good way. Go us!
Haha I wish!

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It gets me wondering who is the person responsible for booking people on this show and what kind of connection if any they have with Joss.
Yay, no awkwardness this time around! My favourite one so far, definitely. And that Ant-Man talk is just SO tantalizing...
Yeay this series is so mad of win! :D How long till we get mr Whedon himself up on here?? ;)
Stan Lee is amazingly sharp for a man of his years. And he seems like quite the charmer to boot!
Fuelreaver: Joss on Cocktails with Stan would be torture, because there's no way 8 minutes would do them justice. Eight hours, maybe...
Brutus: Well looks like we are in for 8 minutes of Glorious torture then... :D
I've been really enjoying ths series as well. I found the episode with Jane Espenson fascinating with all the talk about villains you can sympathize with.
Nice scoop there, Fuelreaver!

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