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June 09 2012

Joss can now count British royalty among his fans. Prince William went to see Avengers Assemble with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Arise, Sir Joss?

I'm glad it was still showing! Avengers is disappearing from theaters here, making room for Prometheus.
Well, we know they saw it. We don't know if they liked it.
How could they not like it? Except once again, the villain is British... :/

Edit: I know Loki's not British in the movie, but Asgardian. However, it seems like the Brits are always chosen to play the villain in everything!

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He's not British; he's Asgardian!
Phx is one of the very lucky ones that will be showing Avengers along with at their CSTS. Their sponsor is taking care of the licensing fees. How sweet is that?!
No, Loki's originally from Jötunheimr,
In one of his online interviews, Tom Hiddleson reveals that He and William attended Eton at the same time. Tom as an upper classman was refereeing a soccer match, and made a call that was hotly contested by the heir to the throne. The call stood.
What a small, interesting world we live in.
Madmolly - Phoenix will be showing "The Avengers" at the CSTS in September?! I will have to try to make it up there! Do you have any other details? I looked at the Arizona Browncoats page and it doesn't mention anything. Do you know what is planned for the Tucson event?
b!x - of COURSE they liked it...
Kate is a Buffy fan anyway... (I think this was posted at the time, can't find the entry though)
Leaf, thanks for posting that link, that is hilarious (I must have missed it, if it was posted before).
@JossIzBoss- nothing is on the page yet and that is my fault. I am this years coordinator and I am getting a late start. And I am still hammering out all the details so look for something by end of this week. As for Tucson, it will be at the Fox same as last year. Again, details coming later. Thanks for your support!
madmolly - Great, I'll keep an eye on the site. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the CSTS as always :).
I wonder if they understood ye olde british slur by Loki ;)
He's not British; he's Asgardian!

I'm sorry, but Prince William IS British (well, mostly German actually).

You must be thinking of Prince Harry.
Y'know I've always felt the Middletons gave our royals something they've been lacking since the war, namely a Bit-O-Bloody-Class.

That story about Buffy just confirms it.

I'd love to know whether they went to see Avengers cos Kate Luvs Joss, or to see how Wills' old chum Hidders is doing.

And that apostrophe is in the right place.
Of German ancestry perhaps, but he was born to an English-born mother and an English-born father in England.

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