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June 10 2012

Classic novels and the filmmakers who were born to direct them. Flavorwire reckons Joss would be the perfect choice to direct a 'Lord of the Flies' movie.

I see Joss as a writer before a director and as such I think Joss is better off creating originals. It'd be a different story if he did a "retelling" of it, basically making it his own but echoing the themes, but other than that...
I like this list. I like the idea of it. I like the execution. And as the mother of a female filmmaker, I like that they at least included ONE female on the list. Small steps.
I will kill to see Don Quixote done by The Coen Brothers, or Picture of Dorian Grey by Aronofsky; Lord of Flies is not really my cup of tea.
I like this list. I like the idea of it. I like the execution.

Would you say the design of the thing... is functional?
I would love to see Joss's take on Lord of the Flies. I'm still waiting for a good adaptation of The Sound and the Fury- but who would direct it?
To me, it's more fascinating that Joss is mentioned in this company. There's a sense of him penetrating the collective consciousness reflected in the company to which he's assigned here, whether or not you think he'd *want* do to a Lord of the Flies adaptation.
Why would we need another Lord of the Flies movie?
Just taking this as a bit of fun, linking up talented film makers with novels that they could rock, I think that this is a great choice. I don't know if Joss is sufficiently attuned to the politics of Lord of the Flies (probably), but he certainly has a feel for the humanity, darkness, hope, futility, and urgent, futile religious instinct found in the novel. In truth, I have no particular desire to see another adaptation of Lord of the Flies by Joss or anyone else; but I wouldn't mind re-reading the book. Or watching Goners. (Irrelevant addendum is irrelevant.)
Definitely a fun little article (Coen bros. are absolutely perfect for Don Quixote IMO).
Piggy's got the conch! But in this version they're stranded on an alien planet, Piggy is an android struggling with the planet's atmosphere as it degrades his synthetic neurology making him sociopathic, and the conch is just a seashell he really likes.

No, anything but Lord of the Flies. Wuthering Heights even, and I dislike that almost as much.
Seriously, I suppose classics need to be remade every so often, well some of them, butLord of the FLies,Picture of Dorian Grey, The Great Gatsby, seriosuly are those needed again? Now, Moby Dick, that's generally considered to have been a disaster.
I didn't realize the article cites something he said about Goners. Probably because I didn't read the article until just now.

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