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June 10 2012

Harry Lennix running Kickstarter project for Shakespeare's Henry IV set in Los Angeles. They believe this is the first time on film where Shakespeare has been set in a world representative of the Black Experience.

I don't want anyone to pray for me because I give them money. That's a little too medieval; and, well, weird. Or am I missing something? Probably, I usually am. But I certainly do want to see this film so I'll be giving pledging some serious consideration as it looks like a great project.
I don't mind the prayer even though it isn't my doctrine. I'm still going to support since I think it is a good project.
I find the rewards kind of odd as well, even if the prayers are configured to be as non-denominational as possible, since I'm agnostic and you have to get pretty vague to match beliefs with me when it comes to the Creator.

Still, I really like the idea of the project and I hope it succeds!
They must've filmed this sometime last year because in the video Harry Lennix says Heavy D has a role in it. Heavy D passed away last November.
I'm torn. More Shakespeare is good.

Praying is bad. Praying for prosperity is double bad. Paying to be prayed for is super bad (and not in a good way).

It makes me wonder who this is aimed at?

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