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June 11 2012

'The Making of the Slayer' - the official guide. It's written by Nancy Holder and it seems to tie-in with Buffy's 15th birthday. According to the blurb "this full-colour, lavishly illustrated book includes quotes from the cast and crew and behind the scenes tidbits from all seven seasons of the show and beyond".

Thanks to The One True b!X for digging up the info. You can pre-order it at

So it's almost a revival of The Watchers Guide. Cool.
This is all the Watchers Guides in one book then? I probably don't need it. Probably.
Aww. I got excited. I hope it's not a repeat of the Watcher's guides.
It is NOT the compiled version of the Watchers Guide, otherwise other writers would have to be credited, but it must be something in the line of, and hopefully with new interviews with cast and crew.

And as a book format I assume it will be closer to the Firefly/Serenity companions, rather than what Simon & Schulster did with the Watcher's Guide back in the day.
Let's hope it's all new material. Either way, I will wait and hope for it to become available digitally. Kind of takes part of the fun away from owning a fullcolor book, but I've converted from "Physical books are the only real books" to "I can't believe this clutter, and look at the shipping prices, I only want digital from now on".
Nancy will be talking about this book at GeekGirlCon in August - so you all should come see her!
It's all new material - Holder has been researching her tushie off on this one.
Nancy will be talking about this book at GeekGirlCon in August - so you all should come see her!
And stay at the official hotel so I'm not alone there.
And several members of the fan community provided background & commentary for this comprehensive book (including me!).
Good. The third Watcher's Guide was nowhere near as good as the first two.

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