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"...and the weird thing is, your aura? Beige."
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June 11 2012

Anthony Head sings 'Cry' by Marina Florance. Preview the song by watching the footage of Tony recording the song in the studio and download then buy it in support of Barnardo's, a charity for disadvantaged children. It's a competition - so buying it will cast a vote towards Tony and Marina Florance's song.

"Oldie Composers" is a UK wide songwriting competition, open to the older generation, to showcase their talent. All proceeds from the download sales will be donated to Barnardo's.

There's also a limited number of CDs in the form of a four song EP, with all 4 tracks. Sales of these will not count to the overall winner of the competition.

So he's got a scruffy grey beard now. I'm having extremely sad thoughts about his human mortality.
The beard was temporary, for a part.
It was my friends mum who wrote that song.

Gotta say I was pretty-damn-jealous. In a good way.
I'd vote for Tony in a heartbeat if I could buy the song. (Gosh-darn being unemployed!)

They all sound like lovely songs - was there a theme to them? They don't seem like particularly upbeat songs, from what I heard.

I really wish his site would get back up and running; I'm sure there's lots of things happening with him that doesn't get mentioned here. (As I'm sure there's a lot going on w/the others that we don't see posted here.)

Kairos I've seen him with a "scruffy grey beard" quite often. Sometimes it's for a role, as Caroline said. Sometimes...he just doesn't shave. Much as I hate to say's human, after all.

IHateConnor That's very cool! What do you know about the competition? Did your friend's mother have a say in who sang her song, or were they randomly selected?
I saw the start of his new website a few weeks back after digging around a bit. Built on Wordpress, it looked a little better than the old one - no information had been posted yet. It's gone now, so they must have realised it was relatively easy to find.

You can read updates on his Facebook page. He's currently working on a comedy idea.

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