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June 11 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar in a 1999 David Duchovny tribute video. Singer-songwriter Bree Sharp recorded "David Duchovny," as an ode to the The X-Files star. Two members of the X-Files crew then created a video as a gag for the show's Christmas party. SMG is one of the many celebrities featured in it.

A low quality bootleg of the video has circulated among X-Files fans for a while, but this YouTube upload is HD.


Jenna Elfman
Brad Pitt
Charles Nelson Reilly
Jerry O'Connell
Melissa Etheridge
Garry Shandling
Dennis Franz
Erik Edtrada
Hector Elizondo
Kevin Nealon
Bebe Neuwirth
David Spade
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jane Leeves
Perry Gelphin
Calista Flockhart
Kelly Packard
Brooke Burns
Taylor Hayes
Whoopi Goldberg
Rosie O'Donnell
Pamela Anderson
Janeane Garofalo
George Clooney
Michael McKean
Alex Trebek
Jerry Springer
Chris Carter
Gillian Anderson
Mitch Pileggi
Nick Lea
Vince Gilligan
Frank Spotnitz
John Shiban
Chris Owens
William B. Davis
Kim Manners
Rob Bowman
Dan Sackheim

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FINALLY. I've been hearing people say "David Duchovny, why won't you love me?" for years but never got to hear the song before. This video is pretty much the best video on YouTube.

And SMG's appearance was perfect! She got the best line AND got to brandish a stake!
I remember hearing this song for the first time and RUNNING to get the cd. Bree is great, I love the whole album and still listen to it regularly over a decade later. When I saw this video in '00 I laughed SO hard; great list of people :D Thanks for posting!
That was so delightfully random and old school! Props on finding it. :) SMG is at 3:33, for anyone wondering.
Late 90's TV nostalgia. Pure awesomeness. I mean Dharma was there and Ally McBeal AND BAYWATCH!

Gotta admit that I've never actually seen The X-Files though BUT all the other stuff! Loooved it.
The first time I ever heard this song I was driving across Nebraska and I almost drove off the road! I still own the CD (Bree Sharp is really good with a humorous edge) and I loved seeing this old video again (loved seeing SMG as Buffy again, threatening to kill Scully).
So much fun, thanks for linking.
Nice distraction from dissertation writing:)
Huzzah! Man, I've been hoping for a better copy of this video for years!!!
I remember this! Such silly, good fun. Embers, glad you didn't wreck the car with that song.
How come I have never heard of this before? Hilarious song and video. Thanks for posting! :D
Since this came out, I actually had the pleasure of becoming friendly with Bree who now fronts the wondeful group Beautiful Small Machines. If you have the chance to see them perform, run- don't walk!
Yay! I have been hoping for years that someone would upload a better quality version of. As an original die-hard X-Files fan who absolutely adored Duchovny and this song, this makes me so happy!
Can someone tell me where Brad Pitt is in the video? I can't find him.
And so nice to see, if only for two seconds, our long-lost friend the Sunnydale High School library set!
Electricspacegirl, he is a few seconds before SMG, at about 3:30.
I love that Duchovny himself referenced this video in one of the eps of Californication.
Wow I feel like I relived the 90s again after watching that. Also Mulder (as voiced by David) referenced Buffy in the PS2 X-Files game.

Link: (fast forward to 03:03)
Love this! And seriously can't believe that I've never seen it before! Loved Sarah's line, not to mention the general trip down 90s television memory lane. Really enjoyed seeing the X-Files cast and crew there, especially the mighty Josť Chung himself, Charles Nelson Reilly.

And by the GODS, did Pamela Anderson ever look great back in the V.I.P. days! Not that she looks bad now, mind you...
It's a great time capsule of who the big stars were in 1999. And SMG gets the best line!

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