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June 11 2012

Juliet Landau heads to South Africa to film Field Station Africa. The film is directed by Rudolf Buitendach and co-stars Isaach de Bankhole.

There's also a nice photo of Juliet in character for her cameo in Raging Bull 2. (scroll down to the bottom)

When I follow the link I see this from my browser (firefox):

This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

If the web-site itself is legit maybe it's been hacked. In any case proceed with caution if you want to risk it.
I got the same error and then logged in at work (with Explorer) and it didn't show up as a threat. I think the page just doesn't like Firefox...because its a known site that's been around a long time.

Here's a direct link to the picture at least...maybe that wont pop up as a threat...

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