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"Oh, BALLS."
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June 11 2012

Problem solving: What do Rod Stewart, Jane Austen and Kelly Donovan have in common? I'm sure some of you are going to say, "I knew that!"

(I know this kills my "street cred" but I never heard of this little Buffy anecdote before now!)

I think it would be fun to lock Edith Head and Lady Gaga in a closet. See how things shake out.
I didn't know who Edith Head was so I had a moment when I was reading "Ms. Edith" and suddenly I was assuming that at some point Drusilla made Kelly Donovan and Rod Stewart her dolls. I need help.
Hmm, an interesting catch-all title to cover a bunch of not really related anecdotes.

SOmetimes Kelly looked more like Xander than Nicky, who often grew a goatee on hiatus.

Phyllis Diller named the bahtrooms in her house the Edith Head and the John Wilkes Booth.

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