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June 11 2012

Drew Goddard reflects on why The Dark Knight matters. As featured in this month's Empire Magazine.

And the thing about Chris that I admire so much is that he's not afraid to talk up to the audience, rather that down to the audience. He makes a gorgeous film; he makes an elegant and intelligent film, and that's the sort of thing that they didn't used to do with the superhero genre.

The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies of all time, but it has one major flaw: Christian Bale. Not necessarily a bad actor, but completely wrong for the part. I haven't read the script, so I don't know how much was the writing and how much was acting choices, but that guy screams and growls way too much to be Batman. Batman shouldn't scream and growl. He should half-whisper, and his intensity should lie in his unsettling calm. A calm he picked up in Tibet and all those other places he trained in. Screaming Batman just completely clashes with everything that character is.
Another flaw is the absence of the Sherlock Holmes-esque detective skills traditionally associated with the character.
The Joker was perfect (although writers have always differed on who insists the Joker isn't crazy - Batman or the Joker), but Batman didn't feel like Batman.
I'm Batman.
I keep hearing that a lot of the Batman "growl" was added in during post-production and editing... And that Christian Bale didn't actually rasp it up so much. *shrug* ; But I can neither confirm nor deny this...
That link also shows a top-bar link for a Jewel Staite Q & A.
I'm always afraid they'll take my fangirl card away if I admit that I really dislike The Dark Knight. Sigh.
I didn't like The Dark Knight at all, or Batman Begins for that matter.

Apart from being incoherent, badly edited messes, with Christian Bale growling all the time, the more intensely "serious" and "realistic" it attempted to be be, the more ridiculous the whole thing appeared.

I'd happily watch a Batman movie with the tone/style of the Arkham Asylum/Arkham city games though.

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If you've seen Batman Begins, you've heard Christian Bale's own Batman voice.

It was indeed altered electronically in The Dark Knight, and from the sound of it, they've rightfully avoided that post-alteration for The Dark Knight Rises.

The films have a grounding that most superhero movies don't, and they are treated as a more realistic way of approaching the character of Batman, but they freely take on fantasy elements such as a microwave emitter, fear toxin, gliding through the city, fantastical vehicles (including one that will fly in the new film), and a high-tech bat sonar system.

Those are not real-world at all, so people often take the whole "realistic" idea a tad too rigidly themselves.
Nope. Not a fan of Nolan; dont be scared, dotikin; you are not alone.
I also think Nolan's Batman movies are extremely overrated... Which reminds me, yesterday's Dork Tower comic made a funny comment about the Dark Knight franchise as compared to the Avengers.
I just can't get past the BatRasp.
The comments here are the least surprising.

Of course Nolan and his movies are overrated here, while Whedon and The Avengers are absolute pure perfection here.

Everything about the Avengers is overhyped and overrated to the nth degree here, but the same can be said of a Nolan-based fan board for his films as well.

Tread in the waters of a fan board like this, of course the "other guy" won't come off as well.

It's not a criticism, it's just an observation.
@NL197: 2 commenters that don't like Nolan, and 2 that don't like the Voice. And somehow 10883 members "here" dislike Nolan and find Avengers pure perfection?

I think your extrapolation is a bit suspect. (Just an observation.)

For people that don't like the Voice: if Bale didn't use it, there would be another outspoken group that would complain that Batman sounds just like Bruce Wayne. Which would give away his identity.
Yeah, I'm one of the ones here that loves Nolan and his Batman films, and already have my midnight showing tickets for The Dark Knight Rises. I never really was annoyed by 'the voice' and didn't think much of it, so was surprised when I started finding out everyone hated it. I'd think it was weird if he didn't try to sound different, but wouldn't be bothered by it.

Avengers isn't perfection, but it is quite incredible.

You do realize I'm talking about this website as a whole when I mentioned The Avengers, right?

There's all kinds of comments about how The Avengers is practically the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented, but as I was saying, that's to be expected as this is a Whedon fan board and Nolan's film is considered (though there's really no reason for it) the competition. Just as it's to be expected on a Nolan fan board that the Batman films are the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented. On a Nolan fan board The Avengers is considered the competition, again without really having much of a reason for it to be.

That's all.
I think you can talk pretty honestly about the franchises without taking a side. They're just films after all. I liked Batman Begins and loved Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight but the film was a mess. One way the Nolan Batman series differs from The Avengers has been mentioned above: the idea that if Bale's voice was recognisable you might stop suspending disbelief, whereas Iron Man's formerly grounded, Batman-ish world suddenly has gods and aliens and parallel dimensions, and we're fine with that. Different tone altogether. So I don't see them as competing just because they're based on comics.
A shame to see DG buying into the Nolan puff-industry, which is largely built on the Heath Ledger necro-adoration. There's no characterization in either of the films; the dramatic choices are arbitrary and non-sensical; the whole notion that the people of Gotham are psychically so fragile that they would be shattered if their heroic DA is as witless as it is fascistic -- the noble exemplar must remain intact, and to that end, the true upholder of order, Batman, must accept demonization. Nothing but black-ops/drones propaganda.

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