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June 11 2012

Felicia Day, Country Music Star. This popped up in the Geek and Sundry channel at YouTube. She has a duet with singer Jason Charles Miller, who's also lead singer for Godhead, called "Gamer Girl, Country Boy". Pretty good song, and having her playing a Rock Band guitar is a nice touch.

He has another video called "You Get What You Pay For", where Felicia and Greg Grunberg of "Heroes" fame appear.

I just watched this and it's really fun. I found myself preferring her video over standard cable tv tonight.
Well Dang! The girl's got it working just fine! :) I was shocked by how well their voices blended. Perhaps Nashville is going to be a big part of her future.
Not enough Lara Croft outfit! Or too much, depending on how you look at it.
Wow, I just love all the music videos she has done, and they have all been so uniquely different from one another (and all are amazing!). I could actually see this one being a break away pop hit!
Evidently there is no end to this woman's talents! Love the video, Felicia!
I seriously cannot stand country music, but... damn, Felicia is an amazing woman. Well done, ma'am.

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