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June 11 2012

Nathan Fillion interviewed by Paul F. Tompkins in Speak Easy. In this episode of Speak Easy, Nathan Fillion talks about working as an actor, what he learned from soap operas and what Firefly was for him.

Per usual, Nathan is charming and, simply, "real." One might think that this would change with his well-earned hard-working success (mazel tov on another forthcoming season of Castle); but he seems as well-adjusted, courteous, and respectful to his fans as I remember from speaking with him briefly at the Browncoat Back-up Bash in 2006. And ditto for Alan Tudyk, btw.

His personal reflections and advice concerning a Los Angeles entertainment career is very poignant at this very moment, as I relax in a hotel room in Santa Monica having just moved my Music Conservatory graduated daughter to L.A. to pursue (i.e. no paying job yet--oy gevalt!) her dream career as a sound engineer/music producer.

Now that I think of it, I should put her in touch with SoCal Browncoats since she is a Firefly "flan." Good to have more friends in the big city.
The interviewer dude didn't even let Nathan answer the last question.

Nathan is too cute & charming. "Hello, ladies." I love the "my stove" reactions. But the whole thing seemed rather rushed. Oh well. Any Nathan is good Nathan.
I wonder if one day Nathan will get shot by a horse. Perhaps a bad horse.
I swear, everything that man does is pure gold.
Interviewer dude? That man is the amazing Paul F. Tompkins! Can't wait to check this out.
For those who don't know, Paul F. Tompkins and Nathan Fillion sometimes intersect actingwise onstage at the Thrilling Adventure Hour (monthly show at the Largo/Coronet in L.A.).
...and on the Thrilling Adventure Hour Nerdist podcast, located here.
yeah, Paul F. Tompkins is cute and all, but I thought he could've come up with more interesting and original questions seeing as they're buddies. Still charming though, both of them.

Bet it's on Bad Horse's bucket list, number 42
Nice interview, although I'm at the point where I generally don't hear anything I haven't already heard.

I do take exception to the scotch comments. There are Scotches that don't taste that way. By the way, in case anyone is interested: Fair & Warmer (which name is a riff on the Dark & Stormy) 2ish parts white rum, 1ish part sweet vermouth, 1/4ish part curacao, stir w/ ice, serve up.
I swear, every interview I see with this man, my man-crush deepens just a little more. He pretty much tops my list of "celebrities I'd like to hang out & have a drink with". Like History said, charming as always. He's either a genuinely nice guy, or a much better actor than most folks give him credit for...
@Znachki It wasn't so much a comment on Scotch as it was Nathan's palate. I believe he stated as much by commenting that it "is wasted on him". For some of us, even the smoothest Scotch (or Whiskey, etc.) holds no appeal. We simply don't have the palate to appreciate it, no matter how top shelf or aged it is. It just tastes like more flavorful "lighter fluid" going down; we can't get past the "burn". Much like with chiles, some can appreciate the subtle flavor, others only feel the heat.

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