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"It appealed to the schizophrenic in me, both of them actually."
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June 11 2012

Jewel Staite gets meta in her latest SyFy Q&A. Jewel once again holds court at Blastr, dispensing tidbits on what's been up to recently.

Jewel shares her love of sliders, Channing Tatum, and how her pickled liver would go for more at charity auction than fellow Stargate actor Christopher Judge's would, along with her take on her character from The LA Complex auditioning for Kaylee!

We DVRd her show and only watched the first episode. I really liked it. "Raquel" is so very diffrent than Kaylee and Jewel plays her deliciously. Can't wait to view the rest of the eps.

And I freely admit I clicked on the Magic Mike link. :)
Jewel answered my question! (I was the one about whether Raquel would audition to play Kaylee)

I must admit that the L.A.Complex isn't really my cup of tea, apart from the eye-candy which is considerable, but I've watched it all the way through just because Jewel is in it. Raquel is definitely very different from Kaylee! A couple of times they seemed to be slipping in references to Jewel's real career too, like the "we had a bad timeslot" line from the first episode and references to a SyFy original and a Hallmark movie that Raquel turned down.

On a non-Jewel related note, though, I am hoping that the Sabrina character introduced in the last couple episodes is back in the next season, because she's awesome.

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