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June 12 2012

"Then we walked down the aisle together to the theme song from Angel". Awesome wedding? Certainly looks like it. And the bride and groom did change their last name to Reynolds.

Oh, that's awesome. I would have loved to have been at that wedding. I need to learn how to make those bouquets. :)
Wow. I thought that bouquet was pretty cool...and it never wilts/dies and she'll have it forever. Clever ideas!
That's some great planning and cute ways of including each show. I don't know that I would do the name change to Reynolds, even though I do adore our Captain. But the party favors, bouquets, centerpieces...everything was so cute and well done.
The groom looks a little like Wash in those close-up pics further down the page (when he has his hat off) :) Changing their names is a bit much though. Overall, very's good to see people doing their own thing. There was a minecraft wedding not long ago and it was full of homemade decorations and such too.
I hope those comics they used to make the bouquets weren't first prints!
Wow, they certainly got some great pictures.
"It's yo' thing/ do what you wanna do."

Not an approach I would take, but if it makes them happy, and it clearly did, more power to 'em! And I agree, the groom looks a bit like Wash...with sideburns.
@Irishgirl - I have friends that changed their last names to Bennet, as in "Pride & Prejudice", when they got married. Their reasoning was that they were a new entity, and no one "took" anyones name. Given that the Reynolds removed gender references in the ceremony, I totally get this for them.
If I ever get married, I hope my future spouse would be as cool and agree to do something this fun. (Although the changing both last names is a bit...odd. TEHO, I guess.)

The craftperson in me thinks the bouquets are awesome (And I've seen some done w/Harry Potter pages) while the Giles in me is lamenting the loss of perfectly good books. If they still have words, they're still good books.

I like that the bride had explanation cards @the tables, so the guests who weren't geeks knew what was going on, and how cool is it that the guests were exchanging the party favors??

Anyone notice the "white knots" the Scully & Mulder figures wore? I can't read the whole card, but it looks to me like White Knot is an equal-opportunity marriage group. I'm going to have to look them up.
Yes, my first thought was Oh no what did they do to those comic books?! That said, I love everything they did to make the wedding special to them. I'm glad the father was ok not walking her down the aisle. The name change was the only thing that I would not have done.

Blessings for this lovely offbeat couple and their new marriage.
Amazing! I can totally see myself doing that. I know I'm in the right place when multiple collector's have beat me to the "oh no the comic books" moment. Super cute gifts and love walking the isle to Angel. Awesomeness! I saw a buffy and Angel ripper once that I just might have to custom for my wedding one day. :)
I wish more couples would take a different last name when they get married. I find the tradition of a woman taking a man's last name very demeaning (to all women).
OMG, I live within walking distance of where they got married! Wish I could have seen all that cute stuff in person; those Jayne hats are shiny.

All the best to the happy couple.

Agree with you, IrrationaliTV.
(Although the changing both last names is a bit...odd. TEHO, I guess.)

This was my first thought, but as IrrationaliTV suggested, it's a handy solution to a problem with no immediate answers. Otherwise, someone has to give up their family name (and I don't like the idea of either men or women doing this unwillingly), or hyphenate names (except that then when hyphenated babies like me come along, what're you supposed to do? Combine the name again?), or someone has to have a different last name than their children.

This probably isn't the solution I'd choose, but I think it's a good one :)

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Oh, just make sure to marry someone who already has the same last name... OK, that may be easy if your name is Smith, but it may be more difficult if it's Wojehowitz. There may be a flaw in my plan.
My husband's uncle took his wife's last name - his was extremely common in Denmark and hers was more unusual.

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