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February 08 2004

Buffy is a Wonder Woman. I just came across this. I don't think it's been posted. If I'm wrong, my apologies...

Yes it is interesting but the whole SMG as Wonder Woman has been floating around for many years now - since they first hinted at a Wonder Woman movie being made in 1998. At the time she and others were actively seeking a chance at the role - but unlike the story reports SMG is not the first choice for the role of the Amazon - Sandra Bullock, Carrie Anne Moss, and Julia Roberts were - SMG is far to petite to play the Amazon. Although I can see CC getting a shot if they make it within the next couple of years. There was even the rumor that Nicole Kidman is interested in playing the character.
Funny, I'd never heard SMG was up for it before. I agree that she seems a very unlikely choice. I was more interested in this link because it calls CC "a strong contender".
I'd love to see CC as the role, I can see her being excellent as the part.
This movie has been in the planning stages for a few years now and a lot of female celebrities have been linked to this project on and off like RavenU mentioned above. SMG has never publicly mentioned anything about it or at least not that I know, so we don't know if she's even interested. I also agree that SMG's physicality puts her at a disadvantage.

I think Bullock or Jen Garner would fit the role better.
I just couldn't buy SMG as Wonder Woman, you would think they would want someone to have at least a passing resemblance to the comic book, Charisma Carpenter possibly, Lynda Carter who played Wonder Woman on tv back in the 70's I think set the standard, she was perfect for the roll, tall and had a very close resemblance to the comic book character, SMG is short and very thin, I believe it would be a tough sell.
I'd love to see Charisma Carpenter as Wonder Woman. She has the height, the wit, the zest, and the sass to do it. And the buxom beauty, of course. Bullock and Garner aren't, er, buxom enough. And SMG? Too wee to be taken seriously as Wonder Woman. I could see Xander in the role before SMG (picture Xander in his frat house costume in "Reptile Boy.")
As much as I love SMG and think she's a wonderful actress, I too have a hard time seeing her in this role but not knowing what the producers want is hard to judge. I remember a movie being on TV when I was a kid that pre dated the Wonder woman series and it had a blonde woman playing the role and she wasn't particularly buxom. Cathy Lee Crosby or something like that was the name of the actress. Neither sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts are particulary full in the chest area. But keep in mind that Lucy Lawless isn't that big in the chest in real life but that outfit she wore made her look bigger.

As for Charisma Carpentar, well, as much as I liked her on Buffy and Angel, I think her acting abilities are limited. I've seen her on "Miss Match" and she basically seems to play the same character more or less. If they are going for a more comic role, I do think she'd be good. I do think Charisma physically resembles WW more than any of the other actresses mentioned. Nicole Kidman?!! I don't see her in the role at all.

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I remember the made for TV version of Wonder Woman starring Cathy Lee Crosby, she was a very beautiful woman,one of my first posters I ever had she was on it lol, though everyone panned that movie, she looked nothing like Wonder Woman and the acting was even worse.

I wish they would cast a relative unknown for the part, as they did with Christopher Reeve (Superman) and Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), just going for a big star name doesn't always work.
I wouldn't consider Charisma a big name star, but she's at the point in her career where she has a strong fan base but a bulk of the mass that have no idea who she is

It's definetely the type of thing that studios would go for
This came from the British tabloid the Daily Star so it's utter bollocks I'm afraid. It's the same paper that said Holly Valance was to take over SMG's role in BtVS season 8 (and look how that one turned out).
i'd die before i saw Holly the Hoe ever connected to the Buffyverse in ANY way
I'd heard rumors about Lucy Lawless playing Wonder Woman way back when and that made perfect sense to me. I think Charisma would be a good choice too. None of the other names I've heard seem to make much sense for the role.
I'm afraid I have to agree with blwessels, depending on the script, I'm not sure Charisma Carpenter could work as Wonder Woman. Charisma is great as Cordelia, but based on her previous performances, Charisma just isn't at the same level (acting-wise) as SMG or Alyson Hannigan. Her range is limited. Charisma's great as the bitchy foil (as proven on Miss Match), I'm just not sure she's leading role material.

The rumor I heard was that Catherine Zeta-Jones was being considered for the role.

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