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June 12 2012

Christos Gage talks Angel & Faith. No new spoilers that I could see.

The interview looks like it's to promote his signing at the Portland Things From Another World this week.

I'd never heard that Emily and Daisy Head were up for the roles of the great aunts, had Ripper happened. It's a great idea, they're both quite talented.
I remember him making reference to unused Ripper ideas before but I don't recall him mentioning Tony's daughters. Nice to see it playing out in the current issue.
CG mentioned ASH' daughters being suggested to play Giles grandaunts on twitter before - when commenting on #10.

On the side note - I really dislike the not-so-funny joke the interviewer tried to make with naming of the interview. Turns the whole notion of 'redemption' into a gag - like he is writing about recycling of cans and plastic bottles. Not CG's fault, but quite 'in character' with the whole later direction of the comics.

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