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June 12 2012

Where Firefly and Beowulf intersect. Not quite as exciting as the title describes, but still interesting nonetheless.

I discovered the meaning of Reavers a different way. I was playing Morrowind GOTY edition on the XBox back in the day and lo and behold in the island of Solstheim I got attacked by Reavers.
Makes you admire Joss's literary referencing skills all the more, I think :P
Actually, if you like this post, you'll love this comparison of Buffy and Beowulf as epic heroes:
The Scottish verb "reive" means to rob or plunder. Scottish border reivers raided the border between Scotland and England from the 1200's to the 1600's. William Faulkner wrote a book called The Reivers, which in 1969 was made into a movie starring Steve McQueen. That was when I first heard the word. I didn't hear it again until Firefly.

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