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June 12 2012

GeeksOn talks Avengers and Cabin In The Woods with editor Lisa Lassek. The podcast is also available on iTunes.

I added in the iTunes link.
Thanks Simon, good call.

If anyone hasn't listened to GeeksOn before, I'd highly recommend also going back and listening to their Christina Hendricks episode (episode 24). Considering that her brother is one of the hosts, it's a very unique interview. And episode 115 has Gina Torres.
Something I must have missed in all the shawarma coverage and only learned here: actually going and making that happen was Kevin Feige, who was the one who realized there'd be a time when the cast was all in one place.

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As one who hasn't seen Cabin yet (due to it not having been shown anywhere I can actually get to), I must ask: Are there any Cabin spoilers in this?
Lisa Lassek is a major talent, too often unsung, of the Whedonverse. Editors rock!
GreatMuppetyOdin, it is VERY spoilery; it is a discussion by people who care about details about the movie talking to the editor of the movie (so indepth spoilers). But actually I was kind of disappointed that more than 45 minutes weren't even about Avengers and/or Cabin in the Woods! I would have liked the whole hour and a half to about these movies.
(I'm very greedy)
Don't forget GeeksOn also had Joss on the show. That was a great episode.
I just found out Cabin's coming out reasonably nearby in a couple of days, so I guess I'll hold off on listening to this until I've seen that.

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