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June 12 2012

Willow and Wesley welcome their second baby! On May 23, daughter Keeva Jane Denisof was born.

Aaaaawwww congratulations to them!!!
Congratulations to the happy family, bigger now, by one! Huzzah!
Awwww! Congratulations!
yaaaay congratulations to the family! <3
Congratulations to the Denisof family! (Keeva? That's...unique.)

Anyone know when SMG is due? It's almost as if those two ladies coordinated their pregnancies.
Awwwww. The E! online article says that Keeva is Gaelic for 'gentleness' and 'beauty'. (And Satyana is Sanskrit for 'truth'). Man, they are the cutest couple ever.
Yes, unusual but still pretty names, and with good meanings. As opposed to ugly, silly, or the "merely" odd so many celebs seem fond of.

"Corn grits" to the family!
Happy tidings! Sigh. They really have the cutest and sweetest family. ♥
@Shadowquest. I don't know when she's due but I spotted the Gellar-Prinze family at dinner last weekend and she was VERY pregnant (and of course lovely).
Congratulations to them.
Hooray! Congratulations!
Aww, sweet! Pretty name, too. Congrats and good health!
Congratulations to them both! And Keeva is my new favourite unusual name - I love it.
They are officially the cutest family ever! Congrats to them.
And the world just got that much better looking, nice and charming. Congratulations!
The name is cute and unconventional... but I wish celebs would stop giving their kids weird names. Their meaning is fun, but what's wrong with giving them less-used ones like Rue or Tamsin?

But they're a nice family, so they have the right to name their kids however they want. And at least they didn't name them Ima Hogg and Youra Hogg... yes, there are people out there with those kinds of names.
Ok, folks, just a little tiny minor correction, 'cause my ancestors are Irish, and I've got a thing for names:

Keeva is the Anglicized form of the Irish & Scottish Caoimhe (pronounced KEE-va or KWEE-va), which means "beautiful, gentle, kind." Caoimhin is the male version, derived from the diminutive of caomh, meaning "little gentle one." It's been Anglicized as Kevin and Kevan.

Regardless of where they got the name from, it's unique, and I'm sure they picked it because they liked the sound of it, and/or the meaning.
Congrats to an adorable couple! Now they have another adorable child!
Awesome! On a related note, their new child was born on my 33rd birthday! :)
Keeva is a fairly popular name in my neck of the woods so this pleases me.
I'm something of a name nerd so I find names fascinating! I think Keeva fits right in to their family. Many American descendants of Irish ancestors use anglicized versions of classic Gaelic names. They are really hard to come up with pronunciations from even for a name enthusiast like me!

Anyway another human being in the world in small part because of one insanely awesome television show, welcome to the world Keeva, we are all sure glad you're here.

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