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June 13 2012

How The Avengers Director's Cut rumour came to be. There's reports all over the place that a Director's Cut of The Avengers will be released in the cinema in August. This actually started off as mere speculation at three days ago. It got picked up elsewhere as a "rumour" and things got out of hand accordingly. It led to the slightly ludicrous situation where a Hollywood "source" is reported as saying that they had heard the rumour too. This, of course, was seen in some quarters that the rumour was true and now more column inches are being devoted to the story.

Long-time readers will remember the same sort of thing happened with reports that Priyanka Chopra was going to be Wonder Woman.

And from an interview with Joss back in May:

On that kind of note, were there any scenes that you shot that you ended up having to cut due to story and pacing, but really wanted to keep in?

Yeah, the first cut was quite long. And you'll see in the DVD extras there was times when I really wanted to spend time with some of the ancillary characters, who are more human to sort of give context to everything that's happening. But, ultimately, fans were like, "Yeah, what we'd like to see is THE AVENGERS, SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHOW THAT INSTEAD?" [laughs] And so there's a lot of good work on the floor, but there isn't anything on the floor that I feel we gutted the movie.

So this is the director's cut.

Yes. You know what, and someday this may bite me and I may not be able to accomplish it, but it is always my intent to put the director's cut in theaters. I don't like to have different versions of a story, it kind of tweaks me. I like to know this is the story, this is it.

Good clarification! It's so silly how people still rumored this around when Joss made it abundantly clear that he doesn't believe in extended cuts. Thanks, Simon!
It's scary how easily things can get out of hand in this era of social media, especially when stuff start to be run in major sites.
Even calling it a rumour is stretching it. It was pure wishful thinking.
I still hope there is some truth to the rumour, or at least that Marvel people are considering it. The film felt a little light in the themes department compared to Joss' previous work and there was some other stuff that didn't make much sense to me even after a few viewings, so I assumed they had cut more scenes than they should have to make the runtime more theatre-friendly. I could be (and usually am) spectacularly wrong, but any headline that mentions the director's cut will have me eating right out of its hand. And it would be great to see the longer cut on the big screen anyway, so I hope this isn't the last time we hear this rumour.
Thank you for clarifying.
So what's happening is people are seeing this:

it is always my intent to put the director's cut in theaters.

and thinking it means there's a director's cut they haven't seen that will one day be released in theaters, when what Joss is really saying is that the one that originally gets released is the director's cut.

This is why instruction in reading informational text is so important!
To get around the Directors Cut thing, they could just call it an Extended Cut so no one would be offended.
So the whole thing about us getting 40 mins of extra footage was all a myth? :(
So the whole thing about us getting 40 mins of extra footage was all a myth? :(

For all I know an extended version is planned, but this current story that's doing the rounds is factually incorrect. And the extra footage will be on the DVD.
Also how easy would it be for Disney to get The Avengers back into the cinemas at such short notice?
Throw enough money at a problem and it will go away. It's more likely to be a more fundamental issue though than getting cinema slots as the film's a proven moneyspinner. How many of the cut scenes had completed effects shots, would additional score needed to be composed/recorded, dialogue looped etc, that kind of thing. The LOTR extended editions came out a year after the theatrical releases and six months after the bare bones DVD release, partly for those reasons and partly, I am sure, so they could double dip.
Here's another quote from Joss from a different interview saying something along the same lines:

So will we ever get to see the stuff Whedon cut out of the movie? Well, possibly as deleted scenes, but not as part of a director’s cut…

“I believe very strongly in putting the director’s cut into the theatres,” says Whedon. “I believe that the director’s cut is the best movie for the studio and the best version of the movie for the audience. I’ve never really been in a situation where I had to pull the beating heart out of something that I did.”

Y'know, normally it isn't the case, but Marvel/Disney could probably break off another $100 mill, maybe more, this fall by doing exactly that, telling Joss to cut the movie back together the way he had first put it, finishing any post-production, and dropping into the "Avatar"/"Titanic" release window as "Marvel's The Avengers: Extended Edition". Jack is right about the normal timetable for such things, but most movies also don't make $600 million in the US. Go get it before people forget.
If they were going to do something like this, I think they should wait until The Avengers sequel is ready. Then build anticipation for the sequel by releasing the "extended edition" leading up to, and then coupled in midnight showings with, the sequel. I mean, the first one is still raking in the dollars here, and hasn't even opened in Japan yet globally. Whether or not they would actually do the re-release, I think later is better timing.
The extended cut theatrical release will have a 20-minute Firely musical short attached at the beginning, too. I know because I just thought of it and a Hollywood source said it sounded neat.
Yeah, it's crazy how it apparently started with's article, which wasn't even a rumor, it was a 'Hey Disney, this is how you can climb those extra ranking spots.' It would be a smart move by Disney, but if they did think about it, I really really hope it wouldn't be against Joss' wishes (though it probably would). I definitely think it would be better to call it extended cut. Extended Cut != Director's Cut, and clearly this director believes the theatrical release is the director's cut...
The extended cut of the shawarma scene is actually an entire other movie. You have to get up and switch theaters to see it.
The extended cut of the shawarma scene is actually an entire other movie. You have to get up and switch theaters to see it.

They probably shouldn't have asked Tarantino to help with the screenplay:

Mr Red: You know what they call shawarma in France?
Ms Black: Tell 'em, Tony.
Mr Red: Chawarma.
Ms Black: Chawarma. You know why they call it that?
Mr Red White and Blue: Because of the metric system?
Mr Red: Check out the big brain on the Cap'n! But seriously: no.
Throwing in the Mr Green part made that funny.
I amused myself for an hour on Twitter earlier, posting puny rumors.
The Guardian getting in on the act. Journalism in the 21st century yo.

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