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June 13 2012

A report of the "Buffyfest 20th Anniversary" Q&A at Philadelphia Comic Con. Kristy Swanson, Clare Kramer, James Marsters, Amber Benson and Mark Metcalf were on the panel that was held two weekends ago. There's some video footage as well and indeed more footage at GeekNation.

Interesting, if a lot of it wasn't new. MArk's seldom been quoted so extensively before, and CLare's pointing out how much of Glory was her itnerpretation is definitely important. And shows again how flexible Joss can be in the service of his larger goals.

I agree, feelings about a character and an actor tend to color each other, often both ways. I'dn't've fallen so in love with the W&T pairing if I'd'n't been at a point in life where I really needed to see a miraculously compatible fictonal couple, my feelings for Tara grew out of my feelings for the pairing, and in logical succession my fannish obsession with Amber from my feelings about the character. (To some extent; I've also slavishly followed the various shows and movies ALy, SMG, ELiza, Mercedes, and CLare have done, so it's colelgial obsession.)

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