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June 13 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods' - round four. It's finally out in Australia on limited release. So if you've only just seen the movie or want to chat about it some more, then this is the thread for you.

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I loved Cabin in the Woods, but I think Lionsgate blew it by releasing the movie BEFORE the Avengers. There is no telling how much more it would have made had they released it two months later using, "From the writer/director of the Avengers" in the marketing campaign...
But two months later would be right in spider-man's and Dark Knight's path.
For what it's worth, CitW was released in Australia nearly two months after the Avengers was, and I haven't yet seen any marketing related to Avengers. Plenty of "from the creator of Buffy/Firefly, etc." and some that's just specific to Cabin (i.e. "the most anticipated cult film of the decade"). Also a bit of a drum-up for Chris Hemsworth and Anna Hutchison, but given that they're locals, it's to be expected.

As an aside, the movie was utterly fucking brilliant. I saw it in Adelaide on Sunday night (which I believe may have been the Australian premiere? Certainly the first screening of the limited release) and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. It's some of Joss (and Drew!)'s best work yet.

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Also, because Joss Whedon didn't direct "Cabin in the Woods," how would they phrase it? "From the director of 'The Avengers' (although not directed by him)"? "Produced and co-written by the director/writer of 'The Avengers'"? Also, it's not like, "If you loved 'Avengers,' this is the same sort of experience." Few things annoy viewers like feeling they've been totally misled by advertising. I think Lionsgate figured that Joss Whedon fans would either already know about "Cabin in the Woods" or see Joss' name and say "Yay!", while appealing to viewers who only know Joss from "Avengers" on the basis of "Avengers" might backfire. Plus April in the U.S. offered a Friday the 13th debut, always a good time to open a horror movie :)
Valid points one and all. Yet, I still feel like a POST-Avengers release would have helped in the US.
Also, by way of perspective... Maybe we're suddenly a little spoiled by the box-office success of The Avengers, but CITW was not a failure at the box office. It did pretty well. Not a blockbuster, but very few movies are. I know we all would have liked it to do even better, but it did make some money for Lionsgate - and it will make even more when the dvd/blu-ray comes out. I'm sure it's successful enough that, if Joss and/or Drew came back to them with another project, Lionsgate wouldn't automatically kick them out on the street.
It might have, but I think the film was already seen as a succes. Let's just call it a victory and be glad it was a critical darling that made the money it needed to make.

In fact, also consider it a victory that there was an outcry for it to be released in several territories where it wasn't going to be released at first, and that it got released because of that outcry. That in itself is very, very cool.
I think just using the Joss Whedon name post Avengers would have been enough. They probably wouldn't have even needed to mention Avengers. Most of the reviews of Avengers certainly name checked him, so I imagine his profile has increased dramatically.

But back to the film. Perhaps it is just because I love (and hate in equal measure,) my horror films, but I certainly thought this was the best Joss production this year and the best of his films. I can understand why some were a little disappointed by it, but I thought it was an incredible and intelligent ride from the start to the finish.
I'm seeing it on Sunday and I'm very excited.

I was delighted to learn (thanks to my local comic book store's weekly emails) that its screening in Canberra at Limelight Cinemas.

(Limelight and Canberra haven't been named in any of the media releases from Roadshow that I've seen, so originally I thought Canberra wasn't large enough to feature in the limited release).
I don't think that anyone expected an R rated horror film to break any box office records. Lionsgate more than made their investment back, and I think they'll be making way more on the DVD. At least I am VERY excited about getting the DVD, because I've been reading the Companion book with the script, and now I wanting to focus on seeing the movie again.

I really do think that Cabin in the Woods is a wonderful piece of work and will just be appreciated more with time.
So glad you guys are finally getting to see it! It deserves to be seen.
Opened today in one cinema in Sydney ..... Went to the 9.30pm session and about 120 people rocked up!! ..Pretty good considering a lot of them have to go to work tomorrow.. Plenty of happy people came out of the session before ours ...

Im not a horror fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this .. Only minor complaint was the cameo at the end was "given away" by the loudspeaker annoucement just before it. The voice is very recognisble!! ...
I don't see either that guest star or the basic plot as spoilers. I'm still confused as to how to see the film except as a meta-film, which, okay cool, but not emotionally engaging.
Cameo, not guest star. Whatevs.
I think cameos can be spoilers... I was too wrapped up in what was going on to recognize the voice, but even if I had it would have been an exciting moment (plus there would have been the added effect of 'OMG are we gonna see her??'). But yeah, that excitement of cameos of 'OH I DIDN"T KNOW ABOUT THIS!' is definitely fun and something that is spoilable.
If I'd been in any state to concentrate on voices I might have been spoiled before the actual cameo; but I was concentrating on WHAT was being said, and looking at the chaos on the screen, so I didn't recognize the voice (and I was blown away by the cameo).
Oooo, as a side note, the theater count for Cabin in the US is doubling this weekend :o) I'm pretty sure 224 theaters is pretty good for an R-rated horror in it's 10th week and a few weeks into summer season.
Funny little thing I never mentioned in the previous Cabin discussions, When the cameo popped up in the climax of the film I got this queer sense of de ja vu. Thinking for the longest time that I must've been spoiled on the actor-reveal and had forgotten it.

Wasn't til just recently that I realized that the same actor had almost the same exact cameo in the climax of Paul with Simon Pegg!
I saw it for the second time yesterday, and I still think it's fantastic. Although on a second viewing, I found it much bleaker. I also found myself sympathizing with Sitterson and Hadley more. The scene where Dana is on the dock and Sitterson (I think) breaks from his reverie on her courage to yell "TEQUILA IS MY LADY" struck me a defensive mechanism to protect himself from realizing the horror of his job. Did anyone else sympathize with them?
Ack! ChuckBuried, you've spoiled me for 'Paul' with Simon Pegg!
I was just on Box Office Mojo ( and saw that Cabin got an additional 111 domestic screens this weekend (almost double from where it was). But it's in week 10 of release. That's great news, but does anybody know why? (Maybe it entered a bunch of $1 theaters?).
I just got back from seeing it. It FINALLY turned up in a relatively local theater. Took a while, but damn, it was worth the wait (every second since 2008). Fantastic movie. Sadly, the theater was almost empty, but there were giggles and noises of awesomeness appreciation behind me.
I just got home after seeing it in sydney, which was a hell of a trip for a movie let me tell you and even though the theater was empty I didn't care because I have no qualms in saying that this was the absolute best horror film of the last 10 years. I loved every second, there was so much to love as a horror fan, a Whedon fan and a movie fan. The ending 20 minutes is the most amazing piece of footage I've seen in a horror flick and the entire set up was genius, and to be honest I can't think of a single joke that didn't hit dead on the mark

Also can we make "Man Reaction" and "Husbands Bulge" some kind of meme now? Thankyou
I've been three times already to the Sydney cinema showing "Cabin" and the evening sessions are popular, and at least eighty people have been in the cinema for each session - all three times getting applause at the end - something Promethus didn't get on the busy Saturday night session that I saw ... But the theatre is a major pain-in-the-neck just to find parking (let alone its location), isn't it ..

Still can't see what Ronald the Intern has written to display on the monitor .. :)

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