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June 13 2012

Best TV Spaceships. My favorite Firefly class makes the top 8 TV spaceships.

I can't believe they left off the United Galactic Sanitation Patrol ship from Quark...How soon we forget
The I am sad. SGU was one of the best scifi shows in the past 5 years. :(
That's not really saying much, Tumnus. Now there are zero ship-based sci fi shows on the air, right?

My thought was... where's Moya? Or the White Star? Or Andromeda Ascendant? Picking multiple starships from one franchise is kinda interesting in light of the omissions.
Warning Nerd Rage!

This has to be the most woeful list of TV spaceships I've ever seen. First they choose The Egg from Mork and Mindy as number 1? I guess this was an (failed) attempt to be both witty and clever. Then they follow that up with three Star Trek ships in a row, I guess the clever bit ended with Mork's Egg. The Enterprise is fair enough but Voyager is just a variation on the Enterprise and the Bird of Prey was introduced in Star Trek 3 movie, so it doesn't really fit the classification of TV spaceship. And then we have Serenity (note they called her THE Serenity). So out of five spots they have only two ships that should be on the list. And then we get two ugly looking Stargate ships in a row, WTF? The Galactica certainly deserves to be above these two ships as well as almost every other space ship that has ever been on TV, including the Starfury and Whitestar from Babylon 5, the Eagle and Hawk from Space: 1999, the viper from Battlestar Galactica, the Thunder Fighter from Buck Rogers, the Yamato from StarBlazers, Moya form Farscape, Even The Lexx from Lexx looks better than those Stargate ships. Even the Ori ships look better than those two! And if you won't to go with a clever alternative how about the Borg Cube?

Nerd Rage ended.
The fact that they call her "THE Serenity" and the total lack of the TARDIS proves this lists' worthlessness.
Woah Zoic_Fan, I will fight you if you put down Stargate again. There is no ship more badass than the Destiny. The thing traveled literally across the entire universe while unmanned and fighting off aliens by itself. And the ship from SG-1 was pretty beastly too. Much better than things like the viper form BG, which is a small one manned ship that mostly gets blown up over and over.
Glad it wasn't just me riled up about THE Serenity then. Although despite this list's meh-ness, it does make me sad at the lack of spacey-sci-fi on TV at the moment compared to when these were on...

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No Moya was the first thing that I noticed. Man, do I miss spacey-fi on TV!
Tumnus, I'll give you Destiny, I think you convinced me that it deserves a spot, even if I still personally find the design rather unattractive. But there is no way you are getting those SG-1 ships across the line. The USS Odyssey looks like it was made from a bunch of old model bits they had left over after they built the original series Galactica, though it is possible the Odyssey was made out of Lego, due to the fact it doesn't have a single curved surface on the entire ship. I didn't think it was possible to design a ship with no style at all, but the designers of the USS Odyssey went one better and came up with anti-style.

Check out this website below to see what good looking and well designed spaceship looks like.
Not to mention that Destiny drew her power from immersing herself in stars! Yeah, she was badass.
A list like this without Moya was made up by someone who's been living in an egg.
Klingon Bird of Prey is by far my favorite, although the Vor'cha class cruisers are pretty awesome as well. Disappointed, however that they did not include the Defiant from Deep Space Nine.
No Moya? No need to click the page. Thanks guys!
Heartened to see the Moya love here. Moya and Serenity are the only ships I've ever felt emotionally attached to.
Then there's the Liberator from Blake's 7 :)
I'll see your Moya, and raise you an Eagle Transporter

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